The Coron Initiative

Implementation Organization: 
Calamianes Conservation & Cultural Networks, Inc.
Implementation Organization: 
Duration of Project: 
24 months

The targeted project areas are the Coron and Calamianes Islands, the fastest developing prime tourist destinations in the Philippines.  Coron Island has recently been proclaimed by UNESCO as a Man and Biosphere Reserve and thus gained international attention.  Tourism developmnet in the country, while boosting economic activity also leads to various infrastructure projects to meet an expanding population.  These development threaten both the coastal and upland areas, such as the Northern Palawan, which was orginially seen as a site of unlimited resouces by the community.  However, inter-island transport, trash dumping, commercial fishing and tourims have had detrimental impacts.  Ground-based activities such as deforestation, infrastructure development, waste water and organic waste are also imposing serious negative impacts on the marine and coast ecosystems on the islands.

The Coron Initiative aims to set parameters and safeguards to maintain natural cycles in marine and coastal ecosystems and reduce the effects of global climate change.  The project seeks to preserve the Coron Islands as a destination attraction in an environmentally responsible manner and in this capacity, help stakeholders achieve efficiency ans savings in business operating activities.  The Coron Initiative will guide the islands' path to greater ecological integrity by protecting and conserving biodiversity for future generations.  An expected output of the Initiative is the creation of a Development and Tourism Facilitating tool and guidelines for Coron & Calamianes Island businesses, agencies, NGOs, LGUs, SMEs and the Coron community in general in order to achieve effective sustainability planning. 

The Coron Initiative aims to:

  • Promote and implement conservation actions and protection of the island's marine ecology and biodiversity
  • Help to form private and public partnerships on Sustainable Development and Tourism goals
  • Promote social responsibility and environmental integrity
  • Formulate and implement specific Sustainable Tourism Guidlines for Coron in harmony with existing legislations in the following areas: 
    • Strategic Environmental Assessment
    • Create Awareness about the salient features of many environmental laws and the impending threats of climate change
    • Nature and extent of the ecological and environmental, social, political, economic and cultural situation of Coron Island
  • Establish sustainable tourism criteria and Sustainable Tourism Certification for all tourism related businesses - effective sustainability planning; maximizing social and economnic benefits for the local community; enhancing cultural heritage; and reducing negative impacts to the environment.
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Susan S. Cardenas
Calamianes Conservation & Cultural Networks, Inc. (CCCN Inc.)
+63 920 254 6553
+44 709 298 5065
#11 San Agustin St. Barangay Poblacion 3 Coron, Palawan
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