What is APFED Showcase Programme?

The APFED Showcase Programme is one of APFED’s main activities to promote sustainable development in the region. This Programme is supported by the Ministry of Environment Japan. It aims to support projects that promote innovative policies, measures, and actions for sustainable development in the Asia-Pacific region.The APFED Showcase Programme grants up to US$ 30,000 to Asia Pacific projects that demonstrate innovative approaches to address environmental problems. Every year we invite proposal submissions and 12 projects are selected as APFED Showcase projects. These innovative activities supported under the Showcase Programme will be shared among various stakeholders in the region through the APFED Good Practice Database.


Project by country

  • Centre for Environment Education in India: SamVednaa Experience
  • Protection of Wildlife through Cooperation with Indigenous Hunters, Pakistan
  • Access to Safe Drinking Water via Nadi Water Filter in Remote Areas of Pakistan
  • Community-based Carbon-Neutral Initiative for Climate Change Mitigation
  • Sustainable Energy - Micro-hydro in Indonesia
  • Blue Skies - Jakarta Traffic Pollution and Solutions
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